Congratulations Lyrics – Post Malone feat. Quavo

Congratulations Lyrics Mm-mmmYah, yahMm-mmmYah (hey) [Post Malone:]My momma called, see you on TV, sonSaid shit done changed ever since we was onI dreamed it all ever since I was youngThey said I would be nothingNow they always say, “Congratulations” (uh)Worked so hard, forgot how to vacation (uh-huh)They ain’t never had the dedication (uh)People hatin’, say … Read more

Who Let the Dogs Out Lyrics – Baha Men

Who Let the Dogs Out Lyrics [Intro]For one zillion dollasThe question is:Who let the dogs out? [Skit]Hey!Who let the dogs out?!Who let the dogs out?! [Chorus]Who let the dogs out?(Who, who, who, who)Who let the dogs out?(Who, who, who, who)Who let the dogs out?(Who, who, who, who)Who let the dogs out?(Who, who, who, who) [Verse … Read more

Gary’s Song Lyrics – SpongeBob SquarePants

Gary’s Song Lyrics [Verse 1]Gary, now I know I was wrongI messed up and now you’re goneGary, I’m sorry I neglected you, oh, I never expected youTo run away and leave me feeling this emptyYour meow right now would sound like music to mePlease come home ’cause I miss you, Gary [Chorus](Gary, come home)Gary, come … Read more

Shotta Flow Lyrics – NLE Choppa featuring Blueface

Shotta Flow Lyrics [Intro]I wish everything I touch would turn to goldNLE, you heard me?Baby Mexico Choppa, man, Top ShottaBaby Mexico Shotta, you heard me?We finna talk our shit, you heard me?YNR (Yeah)Midas got a jugg, ayy (Yeah, yeah) [Verse 1]Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahI am a menace, keep me a rack just like tennisI’m with … Read more

Do It Again Lyrics – Elevation Worship

Do It Again Lyrics Walking around these wallsI thought by now they’d fallBut You have never failed me yetWaiting for change to comeKnowing the battle’s wonFor You have never failed me yet Your promise still standsGreat is Your faithfulness, faithfulnessI’m still in Your handsThis is my confidence, You’ve never failed me yet I know the … Read more

Big Iron Lyrics – Marty Robbins

Big Iron Lyrics [Verse 1]To the town of Agua FriaRode a stranger one fine dayHardly spoke to folks around himDidn’t have too much to sayNo one dared to ask his businessNo one dared to make a slipThe stranger there among themHad a big iron on his hipBig iron on his hip [Verse 2]It was early … Read more

Come On Eileen Lyrics – Dexys Midnight Runners

Come On Eileen Lyrics [Intro]Come on Eileen!Come on Eileen! [Verse 1]Poor old Johnnie RaySounded sad upon the radioMoved a million hearts in monoOur mothers criedSang along, who’d blame them?You’ve grown (You’re grown up!)So grown (So grown up!)Now I must say more than ever(Come on Eileen)Too-ra-loo-ra, too-ra-loo-rye, ayAnd we can sing just like our fathers [Chorus]Come … Read more

Oh Klahoma Lyrics – Jack Stauber

Oh Klahoma Lyrics Set the phases to rotWhat has got you distraught?It’s negative attention at bestBut call it nothing Maybe its something, a little bit, a little bitMaybe its something, do a little bit, a little bit It’s all about ascension, I guessDon’t put me to rest Go on and hand me your clothesTake a … Read more